#61.Percentages – Downwind Paddling

This month we are going to revisit Podcast#9 and explain this concept as a percentage. Our goal is to always keep paddling in a downwind and even when your coasting, you should remain in contact with the water and have some power on the catch. But how much power and when? Happy Paddling, Coach

#40.Seat Pads

Adding a seat pad to your craft’s seat can do a number of positive thing. It can put your body in a better biomechanical position by increase body height above the water to give you more power and angle your hips forward. In this podcast, we explain all of these improvements and which seat pads […]

#25.Paddling Into The Wind

In this month’s Paddle 2 Fitness Podcast, we talk about the slight adjustments for you to be more efficient when paddling into the wind. I was taught this by Dean Gardner almost 30 years ago and now teach it to my paddlers. The aim is to maintain your rhythm, not allow the paddle to lift […]

#21 Improving Your Posture

In every sport, perfect posture is key. With perfect posture the body can generate and transfer power from perfect technique into speed. In this month’s Surf Ski Coach podcast, we explain what is poor posture, ways to understand / fix poor posture and a dry land exercise to help you improve poor posture.  We are […]

#19.How To Turn Faster

Following on from podcast #18, this month we will help you turn faster by using the same lateral control you have been practicing this past month. We will show you how to turn without using your pedals, have better control, tighter angles and much much faster. This will help with 180 degree turns as well […]

#15.Lat Activation

This month’s Surf Ski Podcast is all about producing more power through the activation of our lat muscles. We at P2F see a lot of paddlers lifting their shoulders towards their ears when they pull the paddle past. This action deactivates the lat muscles with paddler switching to their trapezius muscles. In this podcast we […]

#04.The Surf Ski Conundrum

The Surf Ski Conundrum I’ve been coaching surf (ocean) skis for more than 10 years and the one question that keeps coming up is “What’s the best surf ski?”.  Put simply, many would argue the “best ski” is the one that wins the most races. Or the one that has sold the most or even […]

#09.Downwind Paddling – Maintain Your Average Pace

This month we thought its time to start teaching our listeners how to paddle the perfect downwind. For us, there are several main fundamentals all paddlers first need to understand so over the next couple of podcasts, we are going to break each of them down so you can master each one before moving onto […]