#36.Does A Shorter Leg Length Equal More Power?

As a coach of may years, I get this question a lot. While the question itself is simple, simply shortening your leg length to gain more power is not the answer. Like with all our podcasts, its a more efficient technique which will result in you shortening your leg length.

#35.Keeping Downward Pressure

This month we discuss what paddlers mean when they say “keep downward pressure in both hands as the paddle goes through the water”. We explain the difference between a ‘parallel’ action and a ‘U’ action and give you the best technique drill so you know what downward pressure feels like. We would also love to […]

#27.Downwind Angles

On this month’s Paddle 2 Fitness Podcast we help you understand how far an angle you should turn when your paddling in a downwind. We give you a vision of an old fashioned clock face, which will help you on where to look and turn your craft. We have only been using this drill for […]

#21 Improving Your Posture

In every sport, perfect posture is key. With perfect posture the body can generate and transfer power from perfect technique into speed. In this month’s Surf Ski Coach podcast, we explain what is poor posture, ways to understand / fix poor posture and a dry land exercise to help you improve poor posture.  We are […]

#17.Core Activation

What is ‘Core Activation’ and how do you as a paddler turn it on and off? Welcome to 2019, in this episode we discuss the importance of activating your core not only when paddling but how to and why you need to activate it when paddling through the surf and catching swells during a downwind. […]

#15.Lat Activation

This month’s Surf Ski Podcast is all about producing more power through the activation of our lat muscles. We at P2F see a lot of paddlers lifting their shoulders towards their ears when they pull the paddle past. This action deactivates the lat muscles with paddler switching to their trapezius muscles. In this podcast we […]

#04.The Surf Ski Conundrum

The Surf Ski Conundrum I’ve been coaching surf (ocean) skis for more than 10 years and the one question that keeps coming up is “What’s the best surf ski?”.  Put simply, many would argue the “best ski” is the one that wins the most races. Or the one that has sold the most or even […]