#49.Comparing MAX TT to MAF TT

As we look to improve our training program and give you the paddler a better understanding on where you need to improve, we have added at MAF TT to our Peak Performance Training Program. Through the data we have now collected and by comparing your MAF TT (sub-maximal effort) to your Normal TT (maximal effort) […]

#48.Resistance Training 2.0

Put simply, your all addicted to resistance training! This is great to see and seeing we have been asked so many questions about it, we have had to add a second podcast on this topic. In this podcast we will answer questions like: what to do with the extra power gained from the resistance, more […]

#47.Resistance Training

Resistance training’s aim is to load the body through specific training. Like going to the gym, paddle resistance will load the correct muscles in sequence to help you improve your feel of the water and find any technique inefficiency’s. If this is your first time, start with a small amount of resistance and build up. […]

#46.Better Acceleration

In this month’s podcast we discuss a way to increase acceleration without sacrificing technique or efficiency. A small change to your catch as well as keeping a full stroke through your exit phase will result in better acceleration which in turn, will help you catch more runners.

#45.Feeling the Push

Working out the correct push arm height and knowing when your pushing correcting is a hard technique to learn. Reason being, you can’t see it until it’s all over. In this podcast we teach you what a strong push should feel like. Once you engage this feeling you’ll know if or when your push arm […]

#44.Race Week

What training should you do leading into a racing weekend? Should you train more or less, harder or slower? In this podcast, we talk about what training you should do, the day you should have off and revisit an old podcast on what to do on Race Day.

#43.Get a little swagger into your paddling

When someone walks with swagger, they walk with style, rhythm and one step simply rolls into the next. So let’s add this to your paddling. Paddling with swagger will increase power, improve balance, catch activation and have you paddling faster by simply adding one movement to your stroke. Add some swagger today. Happy paddling, Coach

#42.Rough Water Paddling

Do you still struggle a bit in choppy, washing machine conditions, when waves are coming from all sides and are difficult to read, especially paddling close to cliffs? In this podcast we cover all of these conditions and more linking you back to past podcasts and teaching you how to bring them all together.

#41.Ab Crunch Forward

Are you are falling into the water at the exit of the stroke? Most surf ski paddlers continue to pull the paddle back behind their body resulting in them falling into the water as they lift the paddle out. This simple refocus on what to do in this situation should help you to control this […]

#40.Seat Pads

Adding a seat pad to your craft’s seat can do a number of positive thing. It can put your body in a better biomechanical position by increase body height above the water to give you more power and angle your hips forward. In this podcast, we explain all of these improvements and which seat pads […]