#05.Paid vs Volunteer Athletes

As a third generation surf life saver, I have been a member of a small Tasmanian surf club in addition to other surf clubs who have won Australian club championships. I have also been fortunate to coach development athletes as well as athletes who have gone on to become Australian champions. Over all my time […]

#04.The Surf Ski Conundrum

The Surf Ski Conundrum I’ve been coaching surf (ocean) skis for more than 10 years and the one question that keeps coming up is “What’s the best surf ski?”.  Put simply, many would argue the “best ski” is the one that wins the most races. Or the one that has sold the most or even […]

#03.Ladies, It time to start paddling

Ultra Fit Magazine #131, April 2011 “Ladies, Its time to start paddling” While you are walking along the broad water or running around your favourite lake, have you ever wondered what it would be like to paddle? I hope the answer is yes because now is the perfect time to start learning as ocean racing […]

#02.Technique is King

Ultra Fit Magazine #130, January 2011 Technique is King As you paddle along on your favorite stretch of water, you pass a number of paddlers with varying techniques and body shapes. Some paddlers look to have all the time in the world as they float past you while others look like an egg beater, thrashing […]

#01.Successful new approach to your paddle training

Ultra Fit Magazine #129, December 2010 Successful new approach to your paddle training Take any Olympic athlete and you will find that they are only as good as the coach who consistently supports them on their journey to greatness.  These coaches not only have great knowledge about their sport, they are also technical and tactical […]