#62.Two by Two

This month we pair two parts of your stroke together so to help remind you of whats happening at the catch, stroke and exit. We hope that these three pairs will help you create a better activation and remember to focus on boat run through the transition phase / between strokes. Happy Paddling, Coach

#61.Percentages – Downwind Paddling

This month we are going to revisit Podcast#9 and explain this concept as a percentage. Our goal is to always keep paddling in a downwind and even when your coasting, you should remain in contact with the water and have some power on the catch. But how much power and when? Happy Paddling, Coach

#60.Paddling into the Wind – Quick, Quick, Slow

We are excited to be launching our newest coaching pathway to help you all improve your paddling. We have relaunched our YouTube channel and called it “Paddle 2 Fitness Coaching Channel”. On this channel we will have video content for you to watch and listen to as we paddle off the beach, downwind skills and […]

#59.Percentages – In training and for warm ups

I have seen so much information around training levels, but what training level are you training at and then, what percentages are you training at when going long and slows or fast and short? In addition, what technique are you thinking about at these percentages? In this podcast, we talk training percentages and why you […]

#58.Improving your balance without a single crunch

We were out with a paddler the other week and they asked how can they improve their balance in messy water. To us their balance was good, they just needed a new drill for that extra 1-2%. The drill worked and the paddler found more speed. Happy Paddling, Coach

#57.Keeping your legs together

We had an email from a paddler asking why their shoulders and lower back hurt following a local event. After some questions, we worked out that the paddlers knees were the issue and came up with a clever drill in order to fix this issues which also improved their hip rotation. Happy Paddling, Coach

#56.Adapting to the Conditions and your Craft

What do you do then you have the wrong craft for the conditions you are in? Then those around you are catching and you can’t seem to get your craft in the correct position to catch anything. Put simply, you need to adapt and adjust your craft to those conditions and quickly. In this podcast […]

#55. Pull it Straight

This month we are talking about paddle direction and what you need to know, look for and feel to make sure you are pulling the paddle through the water at the correct angle and not going too wide at the exit. When I was taught to paddle, we were coached to imagine a ‘J’ stroke […]

#54. Why does the front of my shoulder’s hurt?

This is a common question from paddlers and the reason is two main things. First is the angle or grip you have on the paddle and the second is leaving the pull shoulder forward putting stain on the peck muscles. In this podcast we discuss these two problems and give you exercise and new drills […]

#53.The Stall

It’s happened to all of us in a downwind training sessions or race. That moment when the nose of your craft goes up and your cockpit fills up. So what do you do in this situation to empty the water and get back up to speed? In this podcast we discuss how ‘the stall’ happens […]